Thursday, June 4, 2009

... forum poll

I added a new poll asking now the blog readers feel about a finishing-forum. Granted, most of the blog readers probably wouldn't participate (unless you're one of my critics or proofreaders) so I guess they're not the right people to ask, but I felt like doing a poll anyway.

My main thought is that the forum would help me keep all of the comments in one place, rather than in dozens of emails and assorted text and word documents all over my computer. So it's less about the critics discussing things as a group and more about just making things easier for me to manage.

I guess I can address some of the topics of past polls too.

Each character's sections are headed by their name, a title, and a date. How should Daneel "Nightfall" Todulem's sections be headed?
The sections are headed with Nightfall, but his name is now Daelus Thresh.

Share your thoughts on the way this type of story should end.
Asymetrical but balanced was what I went with. There aren't six distinct endings, but each character still had their "moment".

Concerning things left open for COT2
This is more the domain of the unwritten chapter 24, but I already know that there's going to be no cliffhangers, rather a very strong emphasis on the idea that everything is still in motion.

Getting near the end here, the rewrite is no longer going to resemble the original much. That was always the plan. Feelings?
I think I already mentioned that there's plenty of pretty strong ties to the original's ending, but fans of the original will still have no idea what to expect.

If COT Book 6 ends up being too long for just four chapters...
Book 6 will be a perfect length, not too short and not too long. Four chapters, one a little long, one a little short.


ehcmier said...

I would think the randomness of schedules and the differences in individuals' styles would end up with people questioning each other and changing how opinions are delivered--anticipating reaction from others--vs. the tedious copy/pasting of the disparate comments into a single document, or a folder of documents.

ehcmier said...

Sorry, to clarify more, the one-on-one, personal opinion without bias or taint from another's opinions would be lost. There may be gain from the mingling, too, certainly, but I wouldn't look forward to getting caught up in any competition over your story.