Monday, March 15, 2010

... engineers and linguists?

To make a long story short, there's a chapter in the novel where a group of Hammerites engineers do something a bit inventive in order to solve a nasty problem. My editor has urged me over and over to consult an actual structural or mechanical engineer about the entire section to see if it will actually work, and to find a way to change the description so that it actually makes sense, since she can't visualize what it is I am describing. (It's not something I can do... I can't understand how it's difficult to understand, it makes perfect sense to me, so it's not easy for me to fix it.)

So anyone wants to try and lend me a hand, drop me an email.

Actually while I am at it, if there's any self professed experts on British accents and dialects and the various ways to put into text the unique ways things are pronounced, I'd appreciate some assistance in that area too.

... he paid so you won't

I have some splendid news. A kind person has decided to donate a premium createspace account to me, which means that the printed COT books will be much cheapter for everyone. At $3 and change per book the total will come to around $18 - $20 for the whole set, which is much nicer than the previously estimated $50!

Always nice when that happens.

I hope to have more news on the covers soon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

... proof positive

What if I had the fourth draft in my hands by the end of the month? Wouldn't that be something! It's possible, from what I learned today. And from there, after just a few tweaks, the story will be ready to start publishing online.

Of course, the book version is still a bit off...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

... they've got me covered

COT has come to my attention again because I got the finished cover artwork for Book 1 by Dominus, and a very impressive work in progress for Book 2's cover by redface. Ireth on the other hand is still busy with her mural, but she's still on board. Very exciting stuff... these covers are going to look, frankly, professional.... because they are! (Wait, you want to see them? Isn't that a spoiler? :)

Still no word on how the next proofreading draft (and last I hope) is going. I just need to call, but I ... just can't seem to bring myself to. There also hasn't been any movement on Compendium of Thieves (or Contravention) since I've been fully engrossed in more employment related activities. One of these days... one of these days.