Tuesday, June 9, 2009

... for newcomers

I added this passage to the COT-R page on cosas.ttlg.com...

How would you describe COT-R to newcomers?

It's like Thief (the PC game) meets 24 (the TV series). It's like a film-noir detective story set in an alternate reality 18th century European city, but with steam-powered technology and zombies and religious factions wielding real magical power. It's about six different people from different walks of life with very different needs and agendas, and how their stories weave together. It's social commentary mixed with horror and romance and violence and comedy. It's a thriller. It's a story where the characters are in charge and the author is along for the ride as much as the readers.

For those of you who have been reading COT-R, how would you describe it to a Thief fan or a non-fan?


Anarchic Fox said...

How do I find that page? It doesn't seem to carry a link from the main site.

Dan said...

That's true, it doesn't... it's only linked to from the blog, from a thread at TTLG, and from The Circle's fan novels section.