Thursday, February 5, 2009

... who do you want to see?

I've been putting off this offer for a while now, because I am too indecisive about who I want to see. An artist whom I have worked with extensively has offered to do sketches of COT characters, on the basis that this would be concept art, and not fan art. (This means that her work would then become what that character actually looks like, and reflected in either the remaining chapters or revisions if they happen).

I am still indecisive, so I'll ask my (probably only three) blog readers. Who would you like to see?


ehcmier said...

The six main voices. The composition can hide whatever you wish to not reveal.

In a world where time and finance have no say in the matter: Groups of connected supporting characters, but without reusing anyone.

Dan said...

Actually the idea is to do secondary characters. I know what all the principals look like.

Chris said...

I suppose it depends what you want to do with them. If they are just for "here, these're neat" purposes, without them appearing in the pages or cover, go with characters that people probably don't have some clear image of - secondary and tertiary characters, probably. By this point, between CoSaS and the original 'cover
art' for CoT, people probably have decent mental pictures of the main characters.

But, if the pictures will appear scattered in the text, or in any kind of directly supporting graphic, I'd say the primary characters should come first...

ehcmier said...

Dan said: "... who do YOU want to see?" (My own emphasis added)

I answered.