Wednesday, February 4, 2009

... poll results on the pole

Looks like two polls have expired in the mean time. The first makes it clear that most of the people here (a whopping five of you) think that scenes set in OM locations are good for the story. Well, that's good, because there's a bunch of them!

The second poll about loose ends was split 2/2 between what would essentially be a COT2 that was a "second season" and a COT2 that is a sequel. (The third option would have been more like COT2 as a spin-off). Even though it's a tie, it sounds like most people don't want things wrapped up in a neat little bow. Well, I can promise you that, but because I have no idea if or when I'll do COT2, there's no way I am going to leave anything big unfinished at the end of COT.

Any ideas for a new poll? There's only two votes for the last open one. I don't think anyone reads this blog anymore.


Chris said...

I still read it! But then, I've yet to get you any meaningful feedback too, so I'm not sure how much use that is.

Maybe advertise it some more in Thief Fan Missions/Gen?

As for other polls... hm. Favourite chapter? Areas most in need of work? Favourite locations? Cheese/Apple/Cucumber, who would win?

Yeah, I'm kinda flailing around, there...

Dan said...

Good to see you still around, Chris. I don't want to bother the general taffer public any more than I need to. Constant "hey look at me!" without anything entertaining to actually look at gets old fast.

ehcmier said...

I check here everyday, at least twice. :D

As I'm in a state of losing more and more of a major piece of my conscious ability every week, it'll be awhile before I come back to life, yet, now that I've sought treatment.

More people have asked me to have a look at their writings, so I can't wait to be able to digest great blocks of text again, if not chapters, if not books.

You have an audience, even if we cannot give much back.