Saturday, November 22, 2008

... the most revised chapter

The latest revision of chapter 1 is finished. I will probably clean up the editing marks and send both versions (the clean one and the one with all my editing marks) to my critics. Hopefully they will feel like the feedback they have given me was worth it. I am consistently astonished at how much work there still is to do on chapter 1. It's been edited and revised twice as often and thoroughly than any other chapter, and I am still finding things that need fixing. There's several reasons for this. First of all, of all the chapters in the rewrite, 1 is the closest to the original. That alone is cause for concern and the need for a great deal of editing. Secondly, when it was first written I had very little understanding of what the rewrite was going to be like, so alot of the details were hazy and underdeveloped. Finally, it contains a scene that was very difficult to write in the first place, so it comes as no surprise to anyone that I would need to revisit it every few years and apply my improvements to it. I was tempted to just skip it this time, unsure that I could do anything more for it, but Dusty insisted. As it turns out, there was still a great deal I could do.

I've been doing more than just a revision though. I'm creating a database in four categories - characters, factions, places, and things. There's 48 entries so far. Amusingly, only seven of those entries are things from the original games. (The City, Hightowne, Shalebridge, Keeper Scribe, Ramirez, Constantine, Hammerites) This is the lexicon which I mentioned previously - or will become it once it's more complete and I understand better how I want to organize it. Finally, I am creating a document with bits that fall into three categories - Unanswered Questions, being mysterious elements introduced into the story that still haven't been resolved as of chapter 15. Unconveyed Information, being facts about the story or characters I'd like to keep in mind even if they are never revealed in the story itself. The third category is a bit of a spoiler. Tales of The Lady, being a collection of all information about The Lady actually presented in the story.
The night is still young, so I expect to get to work on Chapter 2 after I send out revised 1 to the critics.


Chris said...

Just idly...

If it would assist in any way (I have no idea weather it would, or weather you can obtain the facilities yourself as easily), I can provide you with a private or restricted wiki in which you can develop your lexicon and other resources.

If it'd be useful, yell.

Dan said...

It would be useful if it was, well, easy to use. :) I guess it would depend on how well I could get the hang of it. I am not planning on doing anything indepth. I really need someone I can just use "at a glance".

Chris said...

Hm. Probably not worth it then, honestly. I'd set you up a mediawiki, which has some learning curve - not much, but enough that if you have something that's working for you, and it's not going to be in-depth, it might just be more effort for you than it's worth.

If you find that you would benefit from a structured document like a wiki, the offer will remain open indefinitely.