Monday, April 26, 2010

... Lytha's complete story

In the Q.A. "About" page for the rewrite, I say this...

I am also taking an approach to the rewrite that does not demand a sequel. Nothing is being saved, or held back, because I will “get to it in the next book”.
And now, that's true. I ended up peppering in the last few points and details I felt I needed to make into four areas in four different chapters, so there's no big info-dump of Lytha backstory just injected somewhere. It's presented when it's relevant, so it flows with the rest of the content. In the end not even 500 words were needed to get across everything I wanted. It doesn't tie up everything into a neat bow, of course. But it gives the answers to some burning questions that, in all fairness, the reader shouldn't have to wait for COT2 to have answered. They're relevant to this story, not the next one.

So, that's good.

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