Wednesday, February 3, 2010

... picturing an introduction

Redface sent me a draft of COT-O all formatted up for printing. It's pretty much good to go, except for one nagging issue. He suggested that an image accompany the introduction statement. I agree with him, but have no idea what to put here. Any ideas? Now would also be a good time to crit the intro.

I'm also thinking of annotating COT-O. Any thoughts on that?


Olivier 'LuaPineapple' Hamel said...

Have you considered having a picture/sketch of a street filled with people. If you'd look closely you'd spot a few things that aren't quite right: A keeper in a dimly lit window above the streets, someone being pickpocketed, a thief lurking in the shadows crouched on a wall... Anything to set the atmosphere prevalent in thief.

PS: Sorry for the massive time lapse!

ehcmier said...

Something that says Original CoT. Or something that encompasses the collective, the real people that corresponded to make it, something that contains a spark of all the authors. The original authors', who wrote this then, offering their blessing now.

Not that that helps. Anyway, something with a sense of history, diversity, come together.

Really vague, eh?

Dan said...

Well I am glad to see that some people are at least still reading this! :D

Oliver - any new artwork comissions would have to be for either cosas or cot-r.

ehcmier - we're on the same page, which is to say, neither of us has any clear ideas. :)

ehcmier said...

Heh heh. I forgot to answer the CoT-O (salami?) question: If you don't mind the work, I certainly wouldn't mind annotations. Of course, I'd offer both versions if the option doesn't come with unacceptable logistical problems for you. :)