Sunday, May 31, 2009

... outline, coffee, quiet

The outline for 23 is ready. I have peace and quiet for the next 8 hours or so (it's 1 am) and a cup of coffee. My schedule for the next few days is wide open. Let's finish this sucker.

(23 will be officially the end of the story, like the original's 25. The rewrite's 24 will be an epilogue. The original also had an epilogue, but it wasn't given a chapter number or title.)

Because I like comments and I never get them, I'll ask a question. For the epilogue chapter, which minor or side characters would you like to see a segue about, to know what happens to them after the story is finished?


Anarchic Fox said...

I did leave some comments to old entries, in case you didn't see them. But I haven't been following the story, so I don't know any of the side characters.

Dan said...

Thanks for letting me know... I would never have seen them. :)

ehcmier said...

Any would be fine. Sorry for the ambiguity, but I'd rather it made sense to the story, the next story, and to you. Too early to say, but I'm already missing Richen, but I don't know if he'll show up in 23, or 24. Without knowing what I'm talking about, I think characters that weren't meant to make a significant return in the next story could be given a last look. The servants of Nightfall's estate, Lady Dimewell (kidding!)... Holy crap! Have you been listing your characters out in a lexicon kinda deal? You must have easily over a hundred side characters! Anybody disappear that's actually still alive, like Koyne? Geez, I dunno, but yeah, you could use 'em as a teaser, an outside perspective on changes in The City, or changes in people. Does the uncredited Keeper still have the first segment? Glimpses and reminders of the way things were before so much happened, through the eyes of those who were there back then. I won't know until the end, I'm afraid.

Dan said...

Lady Dimewell, yes. I must write that one. :)