Monday, May 11, 2009

... hi?

So, is anyone still reading this? I think I'm going to need to tell a few people that I am updating again... but who is IrregularJelle? :)


Chris said...

I am, as ever, Still Here :) I'm just very much occupied right now: SJ came back over to the UK last Thursday for another 6 months, and I still have development work that is even keeping me away from Dromed right now.

Still reading, and digesting, and interested. Just rushed like crazy!

Dan said...

Good to see you, Chris. Last I heard from SJ she still hadn't been able to read beyond Book 1. Fingers crossed that the both of you will find some free time. :)

Pandora said...

I am watching from the shadows Dan ;)

- Dominus

Chris said...

She's still settling in, but fairly soon now there should be time for her to get back into it.

I need to try and make time between coding, dromed, and life... maybe I should work on that time machine first ;)