Friday, January 2, 2009

... need non-taffers

I'd like to finally get some feedback on the story from people who have never even heard of Thief. Optimally though, I'd like for them to not know me, either. Chances are if you're reading this, you either know me or know Thief, but maybe you know someone who knows neither, but they love to read fantasy and don't mind doing it at the computer. Anyone?


Chris said...

My better half, you already know about... hmm. I could try and get a couple of people I know interested via livejournal: there's a proofreader I know who might be persuadable, and there are several who might be interested in the genre, all of whom I trust not to spread it indiscriminately. I can Make Enquiries if this sounds acceptable to you.

ehcmier said...

I don't know if there's one out there for a work such as this, but I've heard of a writers' forum (there are dozens in general) that fledgling fantasy writers and hobbyists have recommended in the past, but I haven't yet dug up the forum discussion where it was named. Most of the ones that come up in a general search are for career writers, cost a lot of money, and are too specialized, or small, dedicated local groups that physically meet at some place in their own cities. They often have a word limit, too. Ah well.

Anarchic Fox said...

I have a couple of local friends who would meet those criteria, and who would probably be willing.

...Holy crap, I have a Blogger identity? When did that happen?!