Friday, January 9, 2009

... can I write something new, now?

After two heavily edited sections, one totally new one, and two new segues, I think this last back of revisions is actually done. This one was a bit unusual... before all of the revisions were to bring the older chapters up to date with the facts, and quality of the later chapters. In this case it was to outright change the way something happened, and introduce some totally new ideas that (while they don't come out of left field, it's still an organic progression) I decided I wanted to introduce earlier in the story.

I'm really tired.

Oh yeah, and with these revisions, the story actually broke 400,000 words. Scary.

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ehcmier said...

Once you have rested up, you may continue with the final chapters, until such time that a new idea causes a ripple effect into the past, or an old idea takes new form and causes a ripple effect into the past. But please, by all means, move forward, good sir. o7