Saturday, December 20, 2008

... one of the polls actually closed!

Looks like Ghost won by a landslide for readers of the original COT, with Lytha coming in last with zero votes. I really hope that for the rewrite the spread will be more even. I am curious though... if you voted, why? Assuming that those who voted for Ghost are still reading this blog, was it just because he was a funny rascal?

My thoughts for a new poll really don't work as a poll... I need actual text feedback. The question is basically this. How do you feel about the sections of the rewrite that are based closely on actual Thief 1 and 2 map areas? Did you know that when I wrote them I was actually playing the game to make sure of accuracy? Do you think it muddles the story up too much with needless details or does it work well? I'll make a poll for it anyway.

I am trying to ramp up to getting back to work on editing, but I am pretty exhausted from finishing thesis, publishing the japan journal, putting my portfolios online, graduating, and finishing all 26 cosas release packs. It is, however, very excellent to have done so many projects that I had to put off until now (sometimes for years). Things are finally getting done.


ehcmier said...

I didn't vote in that poll 'cause I hadn't read the original CoT, but Ghost provides a fast, easy, fun, rollicking read, where his take on grave situations makes anything he experiences tolerable to witness. The others are more cerebral, and require more chewing on, but often have a depth and impact to them that I appreciate for completely different reasons.

As someone who's played Thief and studies the missions, I knew you must've been looking at them in DromEd, if not playing them, and I recognized what you described. I never felt you were over-describing anything, but I would be curious to see how one unfamiliar with Thief would feel about those sections. The section with Jyre and the hermit in Old Quarter really tickled me. Ya sold me. Jyre escaping through the Ambush/Courier map was recognizable, though I think you took a route I hadn't before, and my own experience left me briefly disoriented ("Where is she?"). That's purely subjective, but I didn't hold that against you. I recognized that Ghost was allowing you to complain a bit about boring mission design, which could also be taken as a complaint about cheap real life cookie-cutter building design, heh heh.

If the details threaten to muddle anything it's the pace. Too much detail when a character is moving too fast to dwell on anything but the next move would be a time for concision. But my bias allows me to enjoy the mental journey through familiar virtual territory without getting impatient at all.

I'm on holiday vacation, now. I expect I'll be able to get back to reading something soon, anything, rather than nothing. God I miss consuming book after book, chapter after chapter.

Anarchic Fox said...

I would have voted for Jyre.

Adding in-game details is good, but I won't know until seeing the story whether you struck an adequate balance.