Wednesday, December 10, 2008

... mind the gap

I should have seen this coming. After working on thesis, COT, then the Japan journal, I am pretty sick of text. I did a little more work on the cosas release packs, but then decided I am sick of work in general. But now I need to get back to work... on school related nonsense. There's a thesis gallery on Friday, and because my presentation was done on the projector, and there will be none at the gallery, it means I need to get to work on a pinup. It's no big deal... it will just take a few hours. I am just sick of my thesis.

The good news is that both the MX manual printing and the Japan Journal have been a success. The manual is ready to go, but I am going to hold off on it until things can calm down. There's no rush, after all.

Also, from the looks of things, my critics don't have much time to do any criticising either, so now isn't a bad time for a break.


Chris said...

Yeah, I'm sorry about the lack of feedback - work, Christmas preparations, and a host of other issues have descended on my free time like a plague of... things that take up time.

I'm hoping to free some up over the weekend, then I should be able to get back to reading -_-

Dan said...

I would like to think that it will be smooth sailing soon, but I have to get my portfolios online, finish the release packs, do the cosas art book, and a dozen other things I am sure I am forgetting. Oh right, Christmas shopping. I still need to get things for my siblings. Everyone else is DONE!