Wednesday, September 23, 2009

... this time I'll actually listen

I put up a new poll concerning a genuine curiosity. Some polls I put up just because I'm curious about what people think, and don't really intend to act on the results of the popular opinion. In this case I probably will.

I intend to divide COT2 into books just like how I divided COT-R into six volumes. The COT2 books may end up being more thematically linked than the COT-R ones, or may not. We'll see how it goes. As the question in the poll states, what kind of stories do you want to see in the first book?

The first story already deals with a new character and a new plot, with only a small link to the original COT. I would like to continue doing this for the next few stories, but I know that readers can sometimes be frustrated when reading the next book in a series only to find that none of the familiar characters or stories seem to be present. So, make your opinions heard.


The Watcher said...

Hmm.. I'd like to vote, but as with all polls the option I want is missing: a mix of both new and old!

(also, I have actually managed to finish Book 1, and am part way through 2. I keep meaning to write to you about 1 (quick summary: some vague misgivings, but generally awesome), but work keeps getting in the way. I will send you something meaningful as soon as I can escape the arsekicking. I just wanted you to know that yes, I am actually reading it!)

Dan said...

Basically what I wanted to see is what people would choose if they had to pick one.