Thursday, April 2, 2009

... nothing new

I recently had the chance to do nothing but be alone with my laptop with no internet access. Yet, I could not bring myself to write anything. On the one hand the atmosphere was all wrong. On the other hand... could it be that I find that I have planned next for the story is ... tedious and boring?

I don't know. It's the logical progression of everything that's come before. It seems silly to add some strange twist because I am bored. And yet, if I am bored... won't the reader be too?


Marianna said...

Yes, I think they would be. Try writing on sheets of loosleaf that you keep with you at all times, so that when you get inspired at publix you can write something right on the spot. I always get inspired at work, and if I get the chance i write things down. :)

Dan said...

I didn't know you read this blog.

ehcmier said...

A writer writes, no matter the mood, and daily. Editing the boring or nonsensical stuff comes after. :)

Dan said...

Then I am not a writer.

**hangs up hat and leaves

Pretty annonymous, sorry said...

A writer writes, no matter the mood,and daily? That's a new one for me.

Anyway write when you are inspired. If you feel like it's been too long, well, i don't really know what to say, since I'm 15 years old...
I finished reading the original COT just today and... nope, not writing my crappy review here in terrible English etc, so i can only act as a supporter.

I hope you finish this nevertheless. :P
*lost himself in thought while writing, lost in thought now, so hopes he didn't say anything [i]too[/i] stupid.*

ehcmier said...

Pretty annonymous is new to the world of Writers, knowing only writing, and has never felt a need to study favorite author's WORK HABITS. Time and again, many a successful author has stated that a daily ritual is key, that it cuts through writer's block, and creates it's own inspiration.

Many Writers write every morning for a minimum period of time. Others write at some point in the day, anytime during the waking hours, as long as they just write. It's a job they love, and they do it because they are compelled by passion to do it. I'm not a writer, either, nor will I ever be successful at my creative endeavors...nonetheless, I am compelled by passion to do SOMEthing while I am awake that is creative...for my own sanity.

Even that moron George Lucas, who hates writing, gave an hour a day to write something in his old red folder. Sucked for us, but HE'S happy. See the point?

Stop the melancholy and finish the damn book, Dan! You have enough to worry about for your future, and writing could feed off of, or be a great escape from those fears. With this rising depressive atmosphere, I have to close this door for my own emotional survival.

I know you're not a Writer, but you have ideas to get out, and a need to share. That's frankly good enough, and can be separate from your career, or you can integrate it. I chose my occupation based on my lack of skills but a greater need to channel energy into a creative process. I carry a means of note-taking everywhere as I work, and jot any damned thing that comes to mind.

Put your hat back on and finish what you started. ;)

ehcmier said...

Wormhole Books: A number of our readers are authors themselves or would-be novelists. Can you tell us a little about your preferred writing habits or schedules for writing? We hear a lot of writers tell us it's hard to make time to write. Do you have any ritual that helps you fit more writing time into your days?

Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson: Make the time, somehow. Kevin tries to write a chapter or two first thing in the morning by going out for a walk and dictating into a tape recorder. Brian sometimes stays up late at night until he finishes his pages for the day. Nobody has the luxury of sitting around and waiting for the gentle muse to inspire them-many would-be writers fail because they give everything else in the world priority...going to movies, playing card games, cleaning toilets... Becoming a successful writer is like making the Olympic Team-you have to devote your life to it, practice constantly, improve your skills, and hope you make the cut. Nobody ever said it would be easy.

George Lucas, starting on the page linked and then again two pages after the pictures:,M1

Writing in general:

We are hobbyists. Dan has great ideas, and can churn out enormous amounts of product in a day, and I'm often in awe. Yes, we are hobbyists, but if any one of us wants to be more than that, then there needs to be a fundamental change in the habits. This is just depressing, and depression is normal for creative types. What's NOT normal is stagnating in a depressed state.

Acknowledge where you are at, who you are, and make a constructive move with the tools you have. Acknowledge and proceed in spite of whatever drags you down. Don't wait for anything to go away first. Yes, I have no idea what the hell is going on, but I do know you've got issues. I don't give a damn if you find this offensive, but I find the sulky act offensive.